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Evelyn Houser, Clark and Floyd Counties – ehouser@twc.com
"This is an opportunity to tell these kids things they don't hear anywhere else. We tell them this is counter-cultural to what they hear in their music and what they see on TV and in movies. I want to warn them of the pressures out there than can cause them to lose focus of their hopes and dreams. I want them to keep their focus unlike I did in an unhealthy relationship at their age that totally knocked me off course of my dreams."

Ashley Leland, Jefferson (IN) and Trimble (KY) Counties – ashesxraygirl@gmail.com

Nancy Totten, Jefferson and Trimble (KY) Counties – tottenfamily@frontier.com
"I see so much pain and lack of knowledge of healthy relationship ability passed on to the next generation. Relationships are valuable to people so understanding how to have healthy ones is valuable to one’s life. Youth are bombarded with society and media which generally does not recognize, much less encourage, sexual integrity as we are acknowledging."

Winnie Walker, Clark and Jefferson (IN) Counties – Winnie@winwalker.com
"Today’s youth are getting their information from the internet, TV, peers, etc. Unfortunately, most are not getting the message at home. The message is more than just sex. It is about equipping young people to have "great" relationships in their lives and to make "good, healthy" choices."

Brye Welty, Jefferson (IN) and Trimble (KY) Counties – bryewelty@northmadison.com

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