Dear Educators,

Thank you for your interest in Pure Education for your students ranging from elementary to high school. We offer our programs free of charge to schools in our service area. We have age–appropriate curriculum for each grade on how to begin and build healthy lives regarding relationships. We use relevant facts and data, along with interactive demonstrations and models to engage the students and allow them to use their critical thinking skills to make the best decisions for themselves. We don't tell the students what choices to make but encourage them to listen with an open mind and to think for themselves.

Our curriculum follows all state standards for each grade level. The elementary program is a two-day abuse prevention program helping children to understand boundaries, safe and unsafe situations and identify their trusted adult. The fifth-grade program is a one-day introductory program primarily covering puberty and impending changes as adolescence approaches.

The Middle and High-School program is a five-day sexual risk avoidance health model using the whole–person concept and covering topics such as maturity, respect, boundaries, peer pressure, media safety, STD education, and the dangers of pornography and sex trafficking.

Teachers are always pleasantly surprised by the level of engagement and participation of their students with our instructors. We make a sensitive topic very safe and relatable to the students. If you would like more information, or to schedule Pure in your classroom, please contact us.

To request a program:

We look forward to equipping your students with knowledge that will help them choose healthy relationships for a hopeful future.