Founded in 2012, Pure Education provides specific tools to students and families to counteract the culture and mindset of a life with no boundaries or self-control, producing harmful results that impact individuals, families and the entire community.

Our curriculum and approach teach students their value and self-worth, instilling confidence to make healthy decisions. All curriculum is based on a public health model that addresses the whole-person-physical, emotional, mental and social – while meeting state educational health standards that are documented, medically accurate and research-based.

Board of Trustees

Thank you to our Trustees for your vision and guidance.

  • Patti Howard
  • Sandy Miller
  • Mary & Jim Munford
  • Joan Peyton
  • Jeni Scudder
  • Mary Wallace

Former Trustees

  • Carla Goins
  • Ashley Lowe
  • Andrea Stevens


Thank you to the following Medical and Educational Professionals for endorsing our programs.

  • Angela Crone, MD
  • Dan Eichenberger, MD
  • Rita Fleming, MD
  • Erik Grove, Pharmacist
  • Jennifer Hensler, School Counselor
  • Audette Johnson, FNP-C
  • Christy Lane, MD
  • Andrea Tanner, MSN, RN, NCSN
  • James Watson, School Principal

If you would like to endorse our curriculum, please contact Sandy Sorrells at communications@connect2pure.com.

About Us

History Student Count
2012-13 Began as a prevention program under Choices2,962
2013-14 Added Trimble County, KY3,835
2014-15 Became our own 501©3 due to tremendous growth4,387
2015-16 Added Harrison County, IN and summer day camps4,170
2016-17 Added Carroll County, KY and Scott County, IN
Added Pure Design Church Program3,511
2017-18 Added After-School Programming4,605
2018-19 Added Solutions Abuse Prevention Programming13,916


To transform our communities by creating a culture that embraces sexual integrity and respect for life.


To equip people to choose healthy relationships for a hopeful future.


  • We educate with medically accurate and data-driven information
  • We encourage people to choose healthy relationships
  • We empower people to live a life of sexual integrity

Whole Person Concept

Encouraging Self Love

Preventing Unhealthy Relationships For Everyone