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    Identifying And Embracing Healthy Relationships
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To equip people to choose healthy relationships for a hopeful future.


To transform our communities by creating a culture that embraces sexual integrity and respect for life.


Pure began in 2012 as a program under Choices. Since then, Pure has experienced rapid growth, bringing data-driven curriculum to over 37,000 students!


Empowering Youth

Pure strives to encourage healthy decision making and educates youth to feel empowered and make healthy relationship decisions.

instructor Jim with student

Leadership Philosophy:

"I believe that students will make the healthiest choices for themselves when they are educated with tools that activate their critical thinking skills, encourage their self-esteem to develop more fully, and are empowered with hope toward their successful futures."

Shari McCutcheon
Director, Pure.



Shari McCutcheon, Director

Shari McCutcheon, Director

Oversees the operations of all programming and encourages, educates and empowers the staff and volunteers to provide optimal health education for students/youth.

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(502) 523-0535

Amy Pickerill, Scheduler

Amy Pickerill, Scheduler

Handles all the school and volunteer scheduling for all programs.

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Kathy Shelburne, Curriculum Designer

Kathy Shelburne, Curriculum Designer

Handles the development and revisions of program curriculum and educator relations.

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Laura Caruso, Development Director

Laura Caruso, Development Director

Handles the communications, donor management, events, accounting and human resources.

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